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Sorry for the absence

Hey whoever might be reading this, sorry for the lack of, well, anything for the past few months. Like much of the country, my life was wrapped up in the matter of finding employment and being able to pay rent. Then summer rolled on into FL and my life became nothing but job and beach. [...]

General Policies

Hey there! With our store hopefully opening in the next few days, Melanie and I wanted to put up all of Melanie Lynn Design’s general policies to clear up any confusion on the retail side of things. This information will remain up as a reference, and if any subsequent changes are made, we will notify [...]

The First of Many

Welcome to the beginning! This website has been long in the making and we’re excited to finally have the proper outlet to share our current and future art. Many thanks to our web designer, Cody Schatzle, for all his hard work. When we decided to go into business together, one of the first things Melanie [...]