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Self portraits

A long time ago someone told me jewelry works should start as guache renderings. That’s not my creative process. In fact, 9 times out of ten if an assignment had to be handed in with drawings or renderings, I made the object first and then drew it after the fact. This is my creative process: [...]

From all Angles

When I was in school I was thoroughly fed up with this idea that jewelry had to mean something. I always said ” why can’t things just be pretty?”. Apparently even when I try to rebel I get pulled back in. This piece came about after a lot of reflection on things coming full circle, [...]

Back to creation

After a bit of a hiatus I started putting together a new series, this one to be made mostly in sterling silver, with the occasional gemstones, gold plating and possibly some enamels if I can get back into it. I’ve started working full time in CAD again and am excited to show you two of [...]

Cupcakes and Inner Thoughts

Hello! So two new great exciting items have been added to the shop! As a way to kick off all this new work I’ve been posting I’m offering a special coupon code going on right now exclusive to people who see this blog Go to select your favorite items, and add coupon code JULY20 [...]