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Back to creation

After a bit of a hiatus I started putting together a new series, this one to be made mostly in sterling silver, with the occasional gemstones, gold plating and possibly some enamels if I can get back into it. I’ve started working full time in CAD again and am excited to show you two of [...]

New Stuff, and Exciting Finds!

Okay well! Let’s see here….life is delightfully falling into place lately, so time to return to full dedication to this blog. I’ve posted some new necklaces [in the One of A Kind section] and as always we’d love your feedback. I’ve been having a lot of fun lately creating sculptural pearl work, taking an old, [...]

What’s been keeping me so busy…

So I wanted to share with all of your what’s been keeping me so busy lately. I just finished my BFA Metals degree and presented my thesis work in the museum on campus from December 4-8. The following beautiful photos were taken of the installation by Koehl Loren Ehlers, The following is my artist’s [...]