The First of Many

Welcome to the beginning!

This website has been long in the making and we’re excited to finally have the proper outlet to share our current and future art. Many thanks to our web designer, Cody Schatzle, for all his hard work.

When we decided to go into business together, one of the first things Melanie and I discussed was customer interaction; it is all too common for there to be a disconnect between people and product. The purpose and hope of this blog is to offer you a direct look at what Melanie Lynn Design essentially is: two emerging artists excited to share their craft with the world.

Check back often. We’re hoping to fill this page with updates, insight, the occasional rant, future designs and photographs of jewelry and our workspace.

We’re incredibly proud of the jewelry we have to offer and you can expect new lines as our business grows; Mel has been blessed with a mind that never stops creating.

Feel free to e-mail with any questions, comments, or feedback.

Happy Holidays,


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