New Stuff, and Exciting Finds!

Okay well! Let’s see here….life is delightfully falling into place lately, so time to return to full dedication to this blog. I’ve posted some new necklaces [in the One of A Kind section] and as always we’d love your feedback. I’ve been having a lot of fun lately creating sculptural pearl work, taking an old, traditional favorite of mine and reinventing it. I’m also getting back into using different materials, such as fibers, to create crocheted pieces. More or less, this spring is about full on experimentation, and working to combine and fuse together a whole variety of the different types of “crafts” that I have gotten familiar with over the year.

In addition to the work Nathan and I have been producing, I’m going to just take a minute and share some other awesome work that I’ve stumbled across…..

Take a look!

My latest finds, since everyone who knows me knows I’m always after something different….. [click images for more info n stuff :-) ]

Click Image for info Love these :-)

Unmatched Octopus Tentacle Earrings – Legs And Curvaceous by OctopusMe

This too!

White – light green – light blue melange necklace with sea glass – crocheted by Astash

And last but definitely not least…if you haven’t yet, definitely go check out my friends over at Anomalous and their awesome shirts…like this one!

Have a great day! Check back soon!



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